Ear wax can be a real ‘pain in the ear’

Most people make ear wax or cerumen as it is officially called. It is produced naturally by specialised cells that line the walls of the ear canal but is seldom a problem since it works its way naturally out of the ear. Ear wax can be a good thing, as it is thought that it can protect the ear canal, the problems only arise when we make too much.

The natural process of wax leaving your ear is often helped by the softening action of water when washing or bathing. However, when too much wax builds up in the ear it can sometimes cause pain or irritation and if left untreated may block the ears causing hearing loss and other complications

For us, the softer the ear wax is, the easier it is to remove, that's why we recommend that people use Earol (which is olive oil) before they come to see us.

Same day treatment

Nowadays it can be difficult to get ear wax removed quickly at the doctor surgery. At Earwax Gone, we can usually see you at short notice and will normally be able to remove ear wax in one visit without any pretreatment of the wax.

We offer several methods of earwax removal, we use a combination of controlled water irrigation and instruments to lift and remove wax accumulations. We also offer two dry suction methods. We will also give you advice on how to avoid similar wax build-up in the future.

Some people cannot have ear wax removed using water irrigation. If you have had any of the following you may not be a suitable candidate for irrigation wax removal:

  • Previous ear surgery
  • On-going problems with ear infections
  • Perforations to the ear drums
  • Contra-advice from your Doctor

In cases like this we offer Microsuction and Endoscopic earwax removal, which are dry treatments.

No Cotton Buds Please!

The regular use of cotton buds or pushing other blunt objects into the ear may cause your earwax to impact and move further down inside your ear canal, which may increase any discomfort and pain you have and even damage your ear drum.

Safe Ear Cleaning

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Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction earwax removal is the safest form of ear wax removal. It is performed using a microscope and a medical suction device, hence Micro Suction. It is an ideal method of ear cleaning for people who have had a perforation of the ear drum or who have had problems with ear washing before. It is performed dry, so no fluids are introduced to the ear canal, so it is comfortable and without any mess. 

The appointment normally takes no longer than 30 minutes, we will show you your ear canal and the wax blockage before we begin. After we have finished the procedure, we will again show you your ear canal so you can see that the wax blockage has been removed. The microscope allows us an excellent view of your ear canal, it also ensures that we can see exactly what we are doing while we remove the ear wax blockage. This is one of the main reasons that the procedure is among the safest ear cleaning methods. 

The suction device is not terribly noisy but there will be some noise as it does it's work. We will explain everything that we are doing and make sure you are comfortable with it before we actually undertake the procedure. 

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal

Endoscopic earwax removal is a new procedure for ear cleaning, it is performed with a specially designed endoscope and a medical suction device. The endoscope is supplied by a company called Clearwax and it attaches to the back of a specially equipped smart phone. It gives an excellent wide screen view of your ear canal while we use a medical suction device to remove the ear wax. The view provided is superior to the view provided by a micro scope because it is immediate and wide screen. 

It is an ideal solution for people who have had a perforation or previous problems with ear washing. Again no fluid is introduced to the ear canal so there is little fuss or mess. We will show you before and after shots of the ear canal. We consider endoscopic earwax removal or E-Suction as Clearwax refers to it as the safest method of ear wax removal. The view provided is really excellent and it means that we can clearly see what we are doing. 

As with microsuction, the suction device is not terribly noisy but there is some noise while we work. We will explain the procedure and everything that we will do to ensure you are comfortable with it before we start. 

Ear Syringing? No, Irrigation Ear Wax Removal

Ear Syringing is actually a discredited method of earwax removal and it is rarely performed any longer. Ear washing is now undertaken by irrigation earwax removal. The procedure is undertaken with a special machine that gently sprays water into the ear canal. We spray the water onto the top of the ear canal where it washes towards the ear drum before draining out the bottom of the ear canal. This motion also washes away the ear wax blockage. 

Many people are very comfortable with this method of ear wax removal, finding it quite soothing. However, it is not suitable for anyone who has a perforation in the ear drum. It is not advisable to introduce water into the middle ear as it may become lodged and result in an infection. Other wise it is suitable for most people and many like it because it completely washes away all traces of ear wax. 

An irrigation appointment usually takes between thirty minutes and an hour, we will show you the machine at work and even spray some water on your ear lobe before we begin. This allows you to assess the pressure and temperature so that you can be sure you will be comfortable. As with all of our ear cleaning procedures we will show you before and after images.